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Why and When do you use Egg Whites in Cocktails?

The ResinatorWhat do Egg Whites do?

If you’ve ever seen a cocktail with a white “foam” on top, chances are pretty good that Egg White was used in making the drink.   Using Egg Whites in cocktails gives the drink a white foam and a smooth, silky texture.


Egg Whites change the texture and mouthfeel of a drink:

  • They add a smooth silkiness
  • They add a foamy “head”


Egg whites can help take the “edges” off of unbalanced drinks.

  • If a cocktail is too tart, egg whites will take the edge off the tartness.
  • Can be overdone – egg white can make cocktails too “muted”


Egg Whites also allow for interesting and creative garnish techniques, from floating flowers, citrus or fruit in the drink to using it as a canvas for art with bitters or stencils.

Food Pairing:

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to create cocktails to pair with food, consider using egg whites to:

  • Complement the dish if it is Dairy or a Creamy Soup, etc.
  • Contrast the dish if it is a spicy or hot flavor and you’d like to use the drink to balance it out.

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When to Use Egg Whites:

Consider using Egg Whites in the following situations:

  • You are looking for a way to add richness and body to a drink.
  • Your drink is too flavorful or is unbalanced in a “sharp” or sour way.
  • You’re interested in floating a garnish on your drink, or imprinting it with a design or stencil.

In contrast, you should probably not use Egg Whites in a drink when:

  • Your customer or client is uncomfortable with consuming raw egg
  • The drink may sit a while before consumption (and therefore warming)
  • The drink has a soft or muted flavor that may become too washed out by the egg white.