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If you have taken the Understanding Cocktail Components course, you’ve already learned a lot about the various garnishing options available, and when to use each one.  In this course unit we’re going to focus on Garnish as it relates to the cocktail’s overall presentation.

Appearance or Curb Appeal

Photo by Dinner Series/ CC BY

The appearance of a cocktail is always going to be your guest’s first impression.  Garnish is a great way to make sure the cocktail looks inviting for the customer.

Garnish and Aroma:

Garnish can add aroma for two different reasons:

Cover Up Unpleasant Aromas:

When working with egg white cocktails, spritzing citrus oil across the top and as a garnish and that will prevent the egg whites from creating an unpleasant smell as they warm.

Enhance the Ingredients

Garnish can enhance flavors that may become muted inside of a cocktail.  For example, using egg whites in a Whiskey Sour can cover up some of the barrel flavors in the spirit.  Garnishing with some freshly grated nutmeg on top of the egg white foam will enhance that flavor so it’s not lost in the drink.

Tell a Story

Your garnish tells a visual story about your drink.  Be sure your garnish aligns with the overall flavor and theme of the drink.  If your drink is classy and refined, choose a garnish that supports that message.  If it’s a tiki drink that’s fruity and flavorful, then feel free to go crazy on the garnish – because it helps support the story of the drink.

Have fun with it!

Garnishes are a great opportunity to get creative.  Have some fun with them!