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We’ve prepared a broad selection of courses tailored specifically to each person: the absolute beginner, the skilled bartender, and the experienced bar manager.

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Learn the advanced skills, tricks, and techniques to design original cocktails from scratch. Home bartenders: learn to make your own cocktail creations on-the-fly, with the ingredients you have. Pros: Advance your career and get the skills you need to get your drinks on the menu, work with brands, and enter elite cocktail competitions.


Apply your bartending and mixology skills to parties and events! This masterclass will show you how to approach entertaining like a mixologist, so you can serve stress-free craft cocktails at your own parties or your clients events!

I signed up for this course thinking it would be cool to have a cert in mixology - I ended up being so humbled and learning so much. Whether you have YEARS of experience or are just starting out, there is so much to learn through this program. I even emailed Chris during the course to ask for clarification on one part and he responded within like 48 hours. Absolutely exceptional, I refer to my notes from this all the time when developing cocktails and beverage menus.


- J.L.

Great Course!

I loved the idea of being able to complete the mixology course at my own pace! The course was very informative, and I learned a lot from the videos, and all of the printed info, and homework that I was able to download. I also love that I can always go back, and log into the course again to watch any videos, and go over any information that I would like to review over again.


- J. C.

As someone who is relatively new to cocktails and loves mixology, this was such a great course! I learned a ton, not only about what ingredients go into each cocktail but also a bit of a deeper dive into the specifics of each spirit and other. ingredients. I look forward to reviewing the content regularly and adding to my home bar and cocktail repertoir!


- J. W.